• University of Health Sciences - 1st International Emergency Medicine Congress

  • 28-31 October 2021

About Bodrum

1st International Emergency Medicine Congress

Bodrum, Muğla

The world-famous Bodrum Peninsula is one of Turkey’s paradise corners with 3 thousand 500 years of history, culture, and art inherited from ancient civilizations, natural beauties, original architecture, agricultural riches, gastronomy, climate, sea, and magnificent bays, entertainment life until morning, quality and different concept accommodation facilities that meet all kinds of visitors' needs.



Bodrum, which had a population of approximately 5000 in the first years of the Republic, was known as a small port town that earned its living from fishing, sponge diving, and agriculture before tourism. With the development of tourism since 1965, population growth and construction started to turn Bodrum into a rapidly developing tourism center. Today, Bodrum is a tourism center in the most remarkable and beautiful geography of the world, attracting attention to its cultural and historical richness and gradually increasing its attraction with these features.


Bodrum Castle

Bodrum Castle was built between 1406-1522 by the Knights of Saint-Jean on a rocky peninsula surrounded by the sea on three sides, between two harbors. The construction of the castle used stones of Mausoleion, which is one of the seven wonders of the world that destroyed in the earthquake. There are French, Italian, English, German, and Spanish (Serpentine) towers. After Rhodes' island was captured by the Turks in 1522, the knights left Bodrum and its surroundings on January 5, 1523. Castle, used as a prison since 1895, was abandoned after being destroyed by the French and British bombings on May 26-28, 1915, during the First World War.


Ancient Theater

This theater on the southern skirts of Göktepe Mountain in the middle of Bodrum is one of the oldest theaters in Anatolia. This theater, which was restored by a group of Turks in the 1960s, hosts many festivals in Bodrum today. Tourists who come to see the theater do not realize how those pleasant hours pass while they sit there and watch the boats leaving and approaching the harbor.



Göltürkbükü, one of the regions close to the center of Bodrum, is especially preferred by those looking for a quiet holiday. It is possible to find a hotel option suitable for all tastes where the private pier, beaches, and restaurants are located in the bay.