• University of Health Sciences - 1st International Emergency Medicine Congress

  • 28-31 October 2021


1st International Emergency Medicine Congress

Dear Colleagues,

We are delighted to invite you to the 1st International Emergency Medicine Congress of the Department of Emergency Medicine of Health Sciences University, which we will hold face to face on 28-31 October 2021.

I want to state that we are already working for the International Emergency Medicine Congress's scientific program to be rich and up-to-date following the Department of Emergency Medicine of the University of Health Sciences and to include the experience and studies of respected scientists from many countries in this scientific program. We plan to bring together the essential building blocks of the health community, in which emergency medicine specialists, emergency medical assistants, emergency room practitioners, paramedics, and pharmacists can also participate. In addition to theoretical and practical applications that will contribute to our healthcare professionals' professional practices who will attend our congress, we also aim to bring together interlocutors who will contribute positively to working conditions and personal rights. While trying to bring together all emergency medicine departments, we prepare a congress where everyone can scientifically fill their bags. Our goal is to hold an innovative international congress with distinguished speakers and participants from our country and many countries.

Our starting point at the congress where we will experience the first one;
To be innovative,
Bringing new perspectives to congresses,
To ensure that everyone contributes to the scientific feast,
Talking about our problems with the interlocutors and producing real solutions.

Hope to have a good congress;

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Şahin Çolak
Health Sciences University, Head of Emergency Medicine Department
Congress President